Dr._Kyle_doing_eye_exam-circle_-_sq200.jpgVision / Eye Exams    


The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends a yearly eye exam for adults – not only to detect and to diagnose vision changes or problems – but, also to maintain the health of your eyes. Many diseases of the eye (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease) have no symptoms until extensive damage has been done. Regular vision examinations are also important for the prevention of vision problems created or aggravated by today’s academic and professional demands.

21st century lifestyles demand more from our vision than ever before. Adults in our technological society constantly use their near vision at work and at home. Environmental stresses on the visual system (including excessive computer use or close work) can sometimes induce headaches and/or visual difficulties which can be effectively treated with corrective lenses and/or Vision Therapy.


Woman_putting_in_contact_lens_with_one_finger_-_circ200.jpgContact Lenses

Choosing the right eye care professional is essential to help insure patients vision, comfort and overall eye health during the contact lens fitting. To make sure you have a positive experience we recommend proper lens fitting that includes a comprehensive eye exam, detailed measurements of the cornea, vision evaluation, slit lamp exam. In addition to individual instruction for insertion and removal of the lenses, as well as cleaning, care and a proper wearing schedule. Follow up care is essential to insure you have been fit in a contact lens that fits you personal needs and overall eye health. We are happy to provide you and all your family with contact lens needs.




At Mile High Eye Care we offer a friendly and experienced staff of nationally certified (ABO) opticians to provide for your visual needs. You will find the highest quality frames from the top designers, with a wide selection in every price range. We are dedicated to find the frame that looks great and fits right for you!

Our office utilizes the latest advanced technology from Zeiss and new materials for your lenses and contact lenses to provide the highest clarity and comfort. The lab located in our office allows us us to make sure that your glasses are done to the highest quality.

We offer a wide array of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses from many designers such as Oakley, Vera Wang, Salt, Fendi, Oliver Peoples, Nike, and many more. We also have a large selection of kinds frames including Disney, X-games, and many others. The importance of protecting your eyes from the damaging effect of Ultraviolet rays and injury is of utmost importance to us.

Our expertise is always available to adjustment and frame repair should accidents or emergencies arise. Please feel free to stop by at your convenience for any of our services, or to browse for something new!


Dr._Kyle_showing_photo_on_screen_-_sq200.jpgDiagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases

We treat a wide range of eye diseases and eye injuries or emergencies.  We see all ages of patients in a caring and gentle manner.

The following symptoms require care:
        -Flashes of light
        -Excessive Floaters
        -Foreign body
        -Sudden changes in Pupil size
        -Sensitivity to light
        -Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)
        -Double Vision

We also manage the treatment of eye diseases that require long term care.
        -Dry Eye
        -Macular degeneration
        -Diabetic eye disease
        -Hypertensive retinopathy


Doctors_conferring_-_circ200.jpgSurgery Co-Management

Your eye doctor understands your individual needs.  We have a complete overview of your eye and general health history. The doctors at Mild High Eye Care are able to help patients through the referral process.  We have a panel of trusted surgeons to help ensure the best quality of care throughout the entire surgery process.

We co-manage with  Lasik Centers,  Cataract Surgeons,  Corneal Surgeons,  Glaucoma Surgeons,  Retina Surgeons,  Cosmetic Surgeons